Data mining services

It is the process of scrutinising the data from a large range of sources and organizing the information for useful business activities. The data is gathered is further examined to get the prevalent market movements, to find out the future opportunities and also assist the company with cutting the expenditure and increase the revenue.

We at Webappmatepossess extensive data mining service experience, which will add value to the procedures of your business, from a wide range of fluctuating industries.

The unsorted financial, marketing and other kind of business information which is gathered from hundreds of websites, online portals, blogs and forums, networks, and different forums are summarized in the best possible way by our expert team. This in turn provides a compact and solid knowledgeable base for the clients to capitalize their money and interest upon.

The following activities are performed by us:

  • Collection of information from different sources.
  • Feeding the information in different formats like CSV, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Access etc.
  • Feeding up the updates and various product details on the online portal, which includes the price, comparison of rates, listing of the products, descriptions of the products, its availability, images of the products, product catalogues, etc. the company can also maintain a content management system.
  • Gathering the financial data, pattern identification, correlations and future trends, analysis of the standing of the competitors in the market and locating the dependency networks, building of product catalogues and also generating the potential sales leads.
  • Establishing the relationship between the internal and external factors like product positioning and competitor analysis for example.
  • For marketing campaigns and advertising, creation of mailing lists.
  • Clustering and creating of information, and combining multiple databases to create a data warehouse.
  • Usage of statistical tools like SAS and SPSS.

Online data mining services from Webappmate will provide you with all the opportunity to drive the growth of your organization.

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