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The very aim of business is to make profit at the minimum cost possible. So increased revenue and reduced cost is the goal to be achieved, which is a real time challenge with your running business. The theoretical way to increase the revenue is to hire skilled and dedicated employees and to reduce the cost- pay them less salary package, cut on the infrastructure costs, software licenses, insurance fees etc.

And do you think the above mentioned points are easy to achieve as it looks? No, is the answer. Until you choose to hire a virtual assistance from a professional company, it is highly impossible. A reputed company’s virtual assistant will not help you in achieving the goals of your concern,but also improve the quality of your work.

How does a virtual assistant help you?

When you hire a virtual assistant from our company ‘Webappmate’, you are assured of reducing your cost, increasing your productivity and increased level of concentration on the core activities. Our expert and technically trained team will help you with the administrative tasks mentioned below:

  • Entry of data
  • Research on the internet
  • Planning for any event
  • Scanning of the business card
  • Scheduling and rescheduling of the appointments
  • Bookkeeping and accounting
  • Answering all the professional calls
  • Management of the correspondence
  • Reservations for travels
  • Creation of presentations and spreadsheets
  • Publishing services

As per the project requirements of the clients, the following category of assistance is provided to them:

  • Personal
  • Social Media
  • Sales
  • Internet Research
  • Marketing
  • Administrative

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What we provide

Email Support

At Webappmate Services, we provide professional email support services with our experienced and trained staff and carry out the following activities in regards to it:

  • Thorough reading of the emails.
  • Abstracting the details from them.
  • Addressing the issue, if any.
  • Giving a solution with the help of software access and details shared by the clients.
  • Get in touch with the customers for the feedback.
  • Interdepartmental coordination.
  • Enquiry status on internal CRM, if any, to be updated.

Chat Support

We have a trained and experience team at Webappmate which can assist you with all your professional chat support services. The below given points are looked into:

  • Help desk management.
  • Addressing all the enquiries.
  • Online chats with visitors and customers.
  • Scrutinizing the issues of the customers and finding a solution.
  • For improving instant sales, offering discounts.
  • Answering all the queries related to refund, return policy, shipment fees etc.

Inbound call center

At Webappmate DataServices, we have a separate department for handling all the calls and offer our clients with the best of inbound call centre services. We have a team of professional and qualified customer support executives with excellent communication skills to attend all the calls made by the customers, in the best possible mannerisms.They look into the following activities:

  • Attending the calls.
  • Greeting the customers.
  • Discussing the issue they are facing.
  • Providing them a solution.
  • Ask them if they are satisfied with the solution.
  • Thank and end the call.

Outbound Call Center

The Webappmate DataServices excels in providing a trained team to manage the outbound call centre and make calls on the client’s behalf. They perform the following activities:

  • Making the calls.
  • Greeting the customers.
  • Discussing the products and the advantages of using them, with the customers.
  • Offering of discounts to make the customers buy the products or services.
  • Ensure the customers of the clients support in case of any problem faced in relation to the product.
  • Once the customer agrees, explaining him all the details and procedures related to the product.
  • Thank and end the call.


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In today's world of constantly innovating new technologies, the market competition has intensified. To be in the competition and to stay ahead always, you have to be aware and agile to global shifts.

That's where we "Webappmate" come to help you.

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